Our Statement on Israel’s Operation “Pillar of Defense”

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The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice (RCF) is deeply saddened by Israel’s “Pillar of Defense” attacks on Gaza. We are calling for an immediate cessation of the air strikes and naval bombardment into Gaza and an end to the ongoing siege of Gaza. We also call for cessation of the rocket attacks from Gaza aimed into communities in Israel, which only derail efforts towards a ceasefire and peace to the area.

We oppose all acts of violence and urge President Obama to take a stand against these attacks and to use the power of the United States to insist that Israel as well as the de facto government of Gaza pursue all diplomatic measures possible for the sake of life, safety and security on all sides.

After a very recent visit to Gaza, Craig Corrie stated, “We have just returned to Washington DC from five days in Gaza (November 5-11) and from time in Israel where we visited a kibbutz near the Gaza border threatened with rocket fire. We are appalled by the decision of the Israeli Government (apparently supported by the U.S.) to ignore the truce that was developing. This decision unleashes more violence on those who year after year continue to suffer under the illegal siege in Gaza, and further threatens the safety and well-being of the Israeli people, as well.”

How you can help:

Join us in Olympia!
Join us at 3:30 PM today, Friday, November 16th, as we protest and march in downtown Olympia. Meet us at the corner of 4th Ave and Washington at 3:30 to collect posters and dip your hands in red paint to signify the blood we have on our hands due to our U.S tax dollars that support the Israeli military. Shortly thereafter, we will march down 4th Ave towards The Olympian to express concern about the newspaper’s coverage of the recent events in Gaza and Israel.

Contact the U.S. Department of State, White House, Senate offices, and Israeli Embassy.
Call or write the White House. Tell our U.S. officials that Americans do not support this violence against the people of Gaza, and that we do not support the support our country gives to the Israeli military for these purposes.

To contact President Obama, click here.

To contact Secretary of State Hilary Clinton call (202) 647-4000.

To contact the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco, click here.

To contact the Palestine Israel Desk at the State Department, call (202) 647-3672.

To contact your local Congress Representative, click here.


Thank you for all you do.

With prayers for peace with justice and an immediate cessation of violence in Palestine and Israel,
The Staff and Board of Directors
Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice
Olympia, Washington