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Latest Past Events

Peace Vigil for Palestine: Week 40

We invite you to continue to join us as we mark the 40th week since we began gathering following the most recent attack on Gaza, in October. 40 weeks and more then nine months later, it's important that we remain visible in our demands for a permanent peace and equality. Come join us as we […]

Peace Vigil for Palestine – Week 38

4th & Water Streets, Olympia, 98501

Come join us as we gather to continue to hold a peace vigil for Palestinians in downtown Olympia.  We'll have signs demanding a permanent ceasefire and an end to genocide, or bring your own peace sign. This is the 38th week we've gathered since the most recent assault on Gaza began last October.  As the […]

Peace Vigil for Palestine

4th & Water Streets, Olympia, 98501

Join us as we continue to gather in downtown Olympia to hold a vigil for Palestine.   Joining with our partners, at the invitation of Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation, we'll hold signs advocating for a permanent ceasefire and equality for Palestinians. Thanks to Olympia FOR for inviting us to join the vigil.  We appreciate everyone who […]