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“It’s a dream to make it to America because there is no occupation and you are free here”

It’s hard to not be molded by our experiences; we carry them around with us. Things that happen in our youth can haunt our consciousness for years. Anees Mansour, a twenty-seven year old Palestinian from Gaza, is here in America to learn about treating childhood trauma while participating in the Leadership Studies Fellowship. The Occupation of Gaza and the West Bank has a horrible effect on the lives of Palestinians, especially the youth. In 2010 a Médecins sans Frontières study claimed half of all Palestinians under the age of 12 need mental health intervention.

What are you doing here in Olympia?

I am here for training with RCF and other NGOS where I will learn about management skills and how they deal with the youth and learn about American culture and see the city Rachel was born in.

How did you meet Rachel Corrie?

It’s a strange story of how I met Rachel. She was my best foreign friend. She was walking in a street where I used to stay and she asked for help. She used my phone and called her friend and she translated that her phone was stolen. I gave her a ride to where she needed to be. After that I wanted to learn from her, I started to learn my English through her. Day by day we became close friends. She was my best friend.

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Community Celebration of Human Rights: benefit dinner & silent auction


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With the placement of this memorial, Rachel has come home

On October 23, 2013 a memorial to Rachel Corrie was placed at The Evergreen State College. The piece created by international artist and Evergreen graduate Ross Matteson and entitled “Reflecting on Peace and Justice” is a bronze and polished steel representation of a dove on the tip of a pyramid. It was a very moving and powerful event. Below is a video of the dedication event, followed by the text of Cindy Corrie and Ross Matteson’s remarks from that day.

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Remarks by Cindy Corrie – On Behalf of the Corrie Family and the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice

Good Afternoon.  The physical installation of this memorial sculpture has, of course, taken some time.  I have been on the Evergreen campus since the sculpture was positioned here, but I have avoided coming to see until this moment.  I wanted to share my first encounter with the memorial in this very special place with all of you, who have come to dedicate this remembrance of Rachel and her commitment to peace with justice, and peace with compassion, and, also, to dedicate the call to awareness and action that the memorial and Rachel’s story require of us.  As I have pondered what to share in these few minutes (without keeping you all standing much longer than you would want) I keep coming back to one sensation, very real for me, that with the placing of this powerful piece – a product of so much love and commitment – in this location, and on the Evergreen campus, that Rachel has come home.

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Memorial to Rachel Corrie to be installed at The Evergreen State College

UPDATE: Video of the event available here.

The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, has announced the dedication tomorrow, Wednesday, October 23, of a sculptural tribute to Rachel Corrie. The piece created by international artist and Evergreen graduate Ross Matteson and entitled “Reflecting on Peace and Justice” is a bronze and polished steel representation of a dove on the tip of a pyramid.

The dedication event on the third floor of the College Activities Building on the Olympia campus at 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW begins at 5 p.m. with brief remarks from Evergreen Provost, Michael Zimmerman and sculptor Ross Matteson. Cindy Corrie will speak on behalf of the Rachel Corrie Foundation and the Corrie family, followed by short readings of Rachel’s writing by faculty and students.

During past years, community supporters and conference attendees have had glimpses of the sculpture at major Rachel Corrie Foundation events, while Evergreen faculty, staff, students, and alumni have continued to advocate for its permanent placement on campus. We at the Rachel Corrie Foundation are delighted with Evergreen’s decision to provide a home for the sculpture in the College Activities Building (CAB). As we continue to mark these ten years since Rachel took a stand in Gaza, it is particularly heartening to know that she and her message will be remembered and reflected upon in this beautiful way and in this place so important to her. Artist Ross Matteson notes that the piece

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Recently Featured on CNN’s Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain-The Gaza Kitchen Tour is Coming to Olympia!

Come watch the demonstration, have lunch and learn how to make traditional Gazan cuisine while being taken on a cultural journey through life in Gaza. Laila El-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt are co-authors of the award winning documentary cookbook The Gaza Kitchen: a Palestinian Culinary Journey, which has been praised by the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Claudia Roden, and Nancy Harmon Jenkins.

Nov.3rd @ 11am-1pm at The Flaming Eggplant in The Evergreen State College (2700 Evergreen Parkway NW- CAB 304, Olympia, WA. 98505)

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Author Laila El-Haddad, a key voice for understanding the situation in Gaza, was recently featured in a segment of CNN’s Parts Unknown with CNN food and travel host Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain says of The Gaza Kitchen,

“An important book on an egregiously under appreciated, under-reported area of gastronomy. This is old school in the best possible meaning of the term.”

Through her blog and book Gaza Mom and her work as a journalist, documentarian, media activist, public speaker and policy advisor, El-Haddad provides rare insight into the human experience of the region. Originally from Gaza, she now lives in Maryland.

Maggie Schmitt is a researcher and activist working in various media (writing, photography, video, and participatory methodologies) on the intersections between ‘big’ politics and ordinary daily life. Based in Madrid, she has worked in various countries around the Mediterranean.

When their cookbook project launched in 2009, the authors wrote,

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