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Olympia Spring Arts Walk 2014

“Street Art and Photography: Connecting Communities In Resistance”
Art by our partners from the Oaxacan art collective, Asaro, and from the Network of Photographers for Palestine (NOPP).

Join the Rachel Corrie Foundation and Art Forces for our Spring Arts Walk Event at the Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural (corner of State and Capitol Way) on…
April 25th-26th: Throughout Friday and Saturday we will feature original photography compiled by the Network of Photographers for Palestine (NOPP) of Gaza by Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurndall, and Gazan photographers. We will also have information, art, and food for sale!
April 26th:
10:00 AM Skype Call with Sister Cities in the RCF Office
We’ll be joined by Madison, WI and Rafah, Palestine in a conversation
about building our Solidarity and Sister(City)hood.
2:00PM Stencil Making Workshop with ASARO
We are super excited to be joined by local artist, Line Marker, who is
member of ASARO followed by a Live Art Installation on the Mural!
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Israeli Supreme Court to Hear Corrie Appeal – May 21, 2014

On May 21, 2014, a three judge panel of the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem will hear oral appeal arguments in the civil, wrongful death lawsuit against the State of Israel and Ministry of Defense for the killing of American peace activist Rachel Corrie.

Members of the Corrie family will attend the appeal hearing.

See the Rachel Corrie Foundation’s trial page for case history, trial news, and any breaking updates.

More specific details about the appeal hearing will be added as the court date nears.

Please, check back soon!

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More Events Coming Soon!

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World Water Day 2014

colonizing the water commons, Maia Brown

March 22nd, World Water Day (declared by the UN in 1992) is a moment to recommit to fighting for the human right to water and to make visible the growing global crisis of water inequality fueled by water privatization.

On World Water Day 2014, the Rachel Corrie Foundation (RCF) is proud to sign on to the Marseille Declaration which calls on global citizens of conscience to take action for Palestinian water rights and to promote global water justice. With this action, we partner with those who resist corporate and state profiteering from human rights violations and the corporatizing of our common water heritage. Please join us!


  • Read and endorse the Marseille Declaration today!
  • Join RCF and Stop Veolia Seattle (SVS) this Sunday at the Northwest Film Forum for a series of World Water Day films and discussion on The Human Right to Water: Connecting Local and Global Struggles.
  • Learn more from our World Water Day contributors Susan Koppelman and Marcela Olivera on boycotting Veolia and about global responses to water privatization.

Palestinian Water Rights: Another Reason to Boycott and Divest from Veolia

The Rising Water in Bolivia and Latin America by Marcela Olivera

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The Rising Water in Bolivia and Latin America by Marcela Olivera

The following piece is an early submission for the Stop Veolia Zine Project. SVS is still accepting short research articles, stories, interviews, illustrations, comics, photographs, drawings, anything that you think helps to tell the story of Veolia and resistances to its corporatization of public services.  Deadline for submissions is May 15th.

The Rising Water in Bolivia and Latin America

Marcela at the Veolia headquarters in France

Over the past decade, we have removed bad governments, kicked out corporations and rejected many World Bank and International Monetary Fund policies after they stole our natural resources and ruined an already crippled economy with their “shock therapy” prescriptions. We also successfully waged the historic “Cochabamba Water War of 2000” that recovered our water from an international consortium. The people of Uruguay won the first battle in the polls introducing the right to water in their constitution. Their example has spread all over Latin America.

Social movements have mobilized and have changed the political face of this continent. But the struggles haven’t stopped. Water embraces and strengthens other urgent challenges that are happening now across the continent. Water is the one issue where everything intersects; it crosses over into political and economic issues in every region and in every country. People’s struggles over water are about having their voices heard, having better living conditions, establishing their rights to basic survival needs, and determining their own political and economic futures. That is what we call direct democracy. In Bolivia, the water rights struggle has given birth to a political shift. Water has become a symbol of our struggle for political and economic autonomy and for regaining our dignity.

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