Rachel Corrie Trial In Israel

(Updated May 29, 2014)

Breaking News: Israeli Supreme Court has heard Rachel Corrie appeal. Decision to be rendered in coming months to year.

The May 21, 2014 Israeli Supreme Court Appeal:

Members of the Corrie family attended oral appeal arguments before the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem on May 21, 2014. A final decision by the court is expected in writing in the coming months to year.

See joint statement released on the day of appeal by international legal and human rights organizations “Human Rights Groups Urge Israel to End Impunity for Killing of Rachel Corrie”.


Al HaqCenter for Constitutional RightsFIDHPCHR



See “Trial in the News” for links to news articles stemming from the appeal. Read the press release announcing the appeal for background information. Live coverage from the May 21, 2014 appeal hearing can also be found on Twitter.

News of the Israeli Supreme Court’s decision will likely be posted first on Twitter and Facebook. Please continue to follow us on both social media platforms.


The August 28, 2012 Israeli District Court Verdict: “A Sad Day for Human Rights”

Much has been published about the trial court verdict. Click the links below for more details:

Read Attorney Hussein abu Hussein’s response in Haaretz. Watch Cindy Corrie’s press conference statement and read her Seattle Times Op-Ed.

See Legal and Human Rights Organizations’ overwhelming response, including a statement by President Jimmy Carter.

See “Trial in the News” for media reactions from around the globe.

See civil society’s response in photos and in a petition delivered to the U.S. government, with over 17,000 signatures and 50 organizations renewing the call for investigation.

Latest Trial Press Release

  • Corrie family and legal team 2012. Courtesy the Rachel Corrie Foundation

    Israeli Supreme Court to Hear Rachel Corrie Appeal on May 21

    By trial | 05/12/2014


    Nine years after filing a civil suit against the State of Israel for the wrongful death of American peace activist Rachel Corrie, her family will have their appeal heard before the Israeli Supreme Court on May 21 at 11:30 a.m. in Jerusalem. The appeal, which will be argued by attorney Hussein Abu Hussein, challenges the Haifa District Court’s August 2012 ruling which concluded that the Israeli military was not responsible for Rachel’s death and that it conducted a credible investigation.

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