Rachel Corrie Memorial Scholarship

The Rachel Corrie Memorial Scholarship at The Evergreen State College is for students dedicated to gaining a better understanding of the Middle East and to working, locally or internationally, to further Middle East peace. Areas of interest may include Arab culture and Arabic language, US Policy in the Middle East, and peace, justice, and conflict resolution studies. Applicants must show how they will use their studies to promote human rights and social justice through community activism and/or political advocacy.


  • Recipients are required to complete a small exit project consisting of a short essay, art project, or other creative portfolio depicting their relevant experiences during the semester.
  • Letter of application explaining your qualifications and why you wish to be considered for the scholarship.
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals, other than relatives, who are familiar with your qualifications.
  • A short, one page, description of your intended studies and how you plan to incorporate them into the community context described above.
  • Optional: A copy of art, prose, poetry, photography, or other creative medium that you feel is relevant to your qualifications. Do not send originals as items will not be returned.

 To learn how to apply for the Rachel Corrie Memorial Scholarship, please visit The Evergreen State College web site.