Gaza Delegations

Last fall, the Rachel Corrie Foundation sponsored it’s first delegation to Gaza. Information on future delegations will be posted here. Below is an archive of the announcement for last falls trip.

The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice continues the work to which Rachel Corrie dedicated her life.

We envision a world built on understanding, respect, appreciation, and cooperation between peoples; where human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice are understood to be prerequisites for peace; and where people work creatively and nonviolently to achieve these ends.

We envision a connected world where individuals within interdependent communities and across borders are linked through knowledge and action at the grassroots level, and where local communities understand their relationship and responsibility to the global one. The Foundations work is based on Rachel’s vision, spirit, and creative energy.

This fall the Rachel Corrie Foundation will sponsor it’s first delegation to Gaza. This delegation will seek to strengthen ties of solidarity between Americans and the people of Gaza by encouraging greater communication and cooperative work.

Delegation members will visit family homes, refugee camps, hospitals, human rights organizations, universities, schools, youth and women’s centers, rural areas and areas of environmental stress. The delegation will observe first-hand the human rights crisis brought about by the occupation and blockade.

Upon return, this group will draw from their experiences to educate and build awareness within the US about the situation in Gaza. The Rachel Corrie Foundation will provide support for participants as they create their own responses to their delegation experience. This post-trip outreach will also extend to local, state, and national officials in order to help shift the political discussion toward recognition of human rights and international law.

This delegation, which reflects our long-term commitments to justice and freedom for the people of Gaza, and to peace, security, and universal human rights for all in Israel/Palestine, will help further the global movement to end the occupation and siege by adding to the growing discourse that challenges its legitimacy.

Please consider a donation to help cover the costs of this delegation. The Foundation will be providing some limited scholarships to those participants with lower-incomes. There are also administrative costs associated with this project. Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated.

*If you are able to donate frequent flyer miles, please contact Serena at serena@rachelcorrie