The Rachel Corrie Foundation supports numerous projects here in the United States and in Palestine promoting peace, justice, and greater understanding across cultures and communities.  Follow our Tumblr blog to see photos and videos of our projects in action!

Olympia Arab Festival:

Inspired by Seattle’s Arab Festival, Olympia’s first Arab Festival was in October 2012.  The effort was successful beyond our dreams and encouraged us to maintain the project as a biennial event and year-long effort to explore and celebrate Arab culture. Leadership has emerged from our own Arab community.  The festival is a cultural weekend authentically celebrating food, culture, traditions, lifestyles, and peoples of the Arab world. The planning process is an opportunity to alter misconceptions, connect diverse members of our community, create cross-cultural friendships, and strengthen each planner, participant and volunteer. We engage students, teachers, service clubs, public officials, social justice organizations, faith groups, businesses, and individuals as we generate appreciation for the Arab-American community and its many dimensions.

Maia Project: Water Purification and Desalination

The water crisis in Gaza is severe. In an effort to provide drinking water, we have partnered with the Middle East Children’s Alliance to build water purification units, which provide clean water to children, who are disproportionately affected by this crisis. Each well serves approximately 150-450 children in refugee camp kindergartens. Read more about this exciting project.

Rachel Corrie Foundation Leadership Studies Fellowship

This annual fellowship offers a recipient from the Gaza Strip the opportunity for study and professional development in Olympia, Washington, USA. The program aims to provide Palestinian participants a safe and supportive environment while they gain skills in intercultural education, nonprofit management, and child trauma therapy as catalysts for transformational leadership.  Read more here. 

Break the Silence: The Olympia-Rafah mural project

The Olympia-Rafah Mural Project is an official recognition, by the people of Olympia, Washington, of the sister city relationship that exists with the city of Rafah, Palestine. Through the act of creating a collaborative public mural, we will express our desire for Palestinian self-determination, which is rooted in honoring the common struggles for global justice faced by marginalized people everywhere. By upholding rights for all, we seek to break down barriers to understanding, increase visibility for Palestinian people, encourage imagination, embrace the hope and courage of Rachel Corrie, and bring people together in one voice for change.

Visit the Olympia-Rafah Mural project’s website.

The Rachel Corrie Memorial Scholarship at Evergreen State College

This scholarship is for students dedicated to gaining a better understanding of the Middle East and to working, locally or internationally, to further Middle East peace. Areas of interest may include Arab culture and Arabic language, US Policy in the Middle East, and peace, justice, and conflict resolution studies. Applicants must show how they will use their studies to promote human rights and social justice through community activism and/or political advocacy.

Find out more information on this scholarship at the Evergreen State College website.

Iraqi Student Solidarity Committee (ISSC)

A partnership with students at the Evergreen State College to provide a tuition waiver to serve a limited number of students displaced by war, occupation, or natural disaster. Read more here.