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With the placement of this memorial, Rachel has come home

On October 23, 2013 a memorial to Rachel Corrie was placed at The Evergreen State College. The piece created by international artist and Evergreen graduate Ross Matteson and entitled “Reflecting on Peace and Justice” is a bronze and polished steel representation of a dove on the tip of a pyramid. It was a very moving and powerful event. Below is a video of the dedication event, followed by the text of Cindy Corrie and Ross Matteson’s remarks from that day.

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Remarks by Cindy Corrie – On Behalf of the Corrie Family and the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice

Good Afternoon.  The physical installation of this memorial sculpture has, of course, taken some time.  I have been on the Evergreen campus since the sculpture was positioned here, but I have avoided coming to see until this moment.  I wanted to share my first encounter with the memorial in this very special place with all of you, who have come to dedicate this remembrance of Rachel and her commitment to peace with justice, and peace with compassion, and, also, to dedicate the call to awareness and action that the memorial and Rachel’s story require of us.  As I have pondered what to share in these few minutes (without keeping you all standing much longer than you would want) I keep coming back to one sensation, very real for me, that with the placing of this powerful piece – a product of so much love and commitment – in this location, and on the Evergreen campus, that Rachel has come home.

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Veterans for Peace Portland interview

Cindy and Craig sat with Dan Shea of Veterans for Peace- Portland for the VFP Forum.  The three reminisced about Rachel’s 5th grade speech—“I’m here because I care”, the history of the foundation, current projects, and BDS. They also talked about how September 11th impacted Rachel and how it moved Rachel towards activism. The Corrie’s also talked about their first visit to Palestine, the Mavi Marmara tragedy, the play My Name is Rachel Corrie, and the lawsuit in the Israel court system. This 50 minute interview starts at minute marker 8:05.

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An important decade for all of us- Video Blog

March 16, 2013 marks the 10-year anniversary of our daughter, Rachel Corrie’s death.  We thank you all for the love and support you have sent us over the last 10 years, and we thank you for all the work you do on human rights.  Please view and share this video and act.  Join us at the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice in our call to action!

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Link to this video on youtube

Call to Action!

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A New Year – Cindy and Craig Corrie – February 1, 2013

We spent a warm inaugural week-end in Washington DC this past month and were inspired – rallying and marching to the White House with friends chanting, “No blank check for Israel.”  There was a magnificent inaugural eve Peace Ball at Arena Stage envisioned and realized by friend Andy Shallal, Busboys and Poets, Democracy Now! and other great organizations.  The venue throbbed with powerful, infectious words, music, and dance – from orators like Amy Goodman, Angela Davis, Ralph Nader, Julian Bond, Medea Benjamin, and musicians Sweet Honey and the Rock and Emma’s Revolution.  We were uplifted, being in a space so full of energy and celebration on inaugural eve.  Still, we found ourselves wishing we could take the crowd for just a moment across the world to a few places and people we had been so privileged to connect with this past year.

The night before departing from Israel after hearing the judgment of the Israeli court in the civil lawsuit we brought in our daughter’s case, we had dinner with Israeli Jewish friends high in the hills of Haifa.  They, like so many others, had supported us through our long journey in search of accountability.  We met the parents of Natan – a 19 year-old Israeli youth and conscientious objector.  Since November 19th (after Operation Pillar of Defense), he has repeatedly been in and out of military prison subsequent to each of his refusals to serve in the Israeli military.  Natan says, “We, as citizens and human beings, have a moral duty to refuse to participate in this cynical game.”

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Corrie New Year’s Greetings from Brazil

Dear Friends,

We are spending the waning days of 2012 in Brazil, making our first visit to South America – for a niece’s wedding and to finally visit our foreign exchange student who lived with us nearly twenty years ago. Our first day off the plane, we’ve explored exotic foods and drink, enjoyed a Brazilian summer thunderstorm, and through heavy rain surveyed the Oscar Niemeyer-designed buildings of Brasilia, the capital city that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What resonates most for us, though, are the vibrant conversations we’ve already had with our hosts about indefensible U.S. policies on Israel/Palestine, deterioration of the U.S. reputation because of our actions in the Middle East this past decade, and the “evils of empire.” Yet among these Brazilian friends, there is still belief that much of what the U.S. does in the world contributes positively, and hope that the Obama administration in its second term will navigate its way toward positions that better serve both U.S. and world interests.

As we listen and engage with the lively discussion, we are heartened again by our ability to have the conversations, to connect across continents, and to see that wherever we go, people are more the same than different. The rights and opportunities we hold dear are those others want, as well – and not only for themselves.

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